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The use of eco friendly cleaning products is on the rise, and here’s why

The use, availability and variety in eco friendly cleaning products is on the rise, as more consumers are seeing the benefits of using them and the myths around them are being busted.

Consumer awareness

Consumers are in general wanting to do better, do what they can. And they are looking for ways to do this and seeking alternative options where possible.

Climate change is a hot topic in politics, the media, and pretty much everywhere you go. Whether you believe there is a climate crisis or not, the topic is everywhere causing consumers to think more about the choices they make.

More people are seeing the negative impacts of our modern lives on the environment and are becoming more conscious of their footprint. Our lifestyles of convenience and use of single use items has been brought to the forefront with Australian governments progressively banning single use plastics.

Health concerns

Health concerns and crises are on the rise and more and more people are making health conscious choices. Many are avoiding some ingredients in traditional cleaning and laundry products that can be harmful to our health and cause skin irritations. Ranging from those we spray around our homes, our kids and our pets to those we wash all of our clothing etc that is in contact with our skin everyday, we are looking more closely at what’s in these products, and what we want to avoid.

Effect on water and food supplies

There is also growing knowledge about how harmful chemicals going down the drain end up negatively impacting our air, water, soil and wildlife. People are looking for less toxic fumes around their homes, and are concerned about how harsh toxins affect our water and food supplies. Many have moved away from harmful garden care supplies for these reasons for some time now, such as pesticides and fertilisers. However, there is now a move to look at the effects of the products we use in our homes as well.

Better for our household belongings

People often find that less harsh chemicals are better for your household furnishings and surfaces. Often the chemical compounds in eco cleaning products are less corrosive while cleaning more gently.

Love for beaches and marine life

In our beach culture here in Australia many of us love our oceans, beaches and marine life. Spending time in and on the water are enjoyed by loads of us recreationally and the plastic waste that ends up polluting our beaches and harming our sea life is not what we want to see.

Less wasteful packaging

Eco friendly cleaning products are often in eco packaging, such as biodegradable or reusable packaging. The rise in plastic pollution and the other negative effects the production of plastic has on the environment is often a factor when people choose eco cleaning products in non single use plastic packaging.

Coupled with the knowledge that although you can chuck empty plastics in your recycling bin, plastic can only be recycled a very small number of times, hence people are increasingly looking for alternatives.


A barrier to using eco cleaning products has been the thought that they are not as effective. However, with trial and error, just as with all standard cleaning products, people are finding out that eco cleaning products are just as effective, including being cost effective. A lot of eco cleaning products are also multi use, saving you needing to buy a large range of products to clean each area of your household.

No synthetic fragrances

Many people like using cleaning products that ‘smell clean’, so you can smell the fresh scent of a freshly cleaned home. And there has been the misconception that all eco cleaners are vinegar based or have no fragrance. However, people are realising that many do! The difference is that harmful synthetic fragrances aren’t used in eco cleaners. Many varieties still smell fresh and clean, using natural oils.


With the variety and accessibility of eco friendly cleaning products available it is no wonder that consumers are making healthier choices. It’s worth looking at what’s available and will suit you and your lifestyle and household. Your kids, pets and the environment will thank you for it.

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