Why low tox living is important and the basics to get started

Jun 3, 2021 | Low Tox

The low tox movement is on the rise and it’s clear to see why. The ultimate aim is to reduce harmful toxins from our everyday lives to become healthier mentally, physically and environmentally.

I became a single mum very suddenly after losing my husband with no warning. From this experience I’m reinventing the way I live and am striving for a healthier life, which includes looking after our planet. I no longer want to live a lifestyle of over consumption and not thinking about what we buy and use, being detrimental to our earth and our health. I believe in the need to make alternative choices, even if not always convenient.

The substances that often hide behind labels can be really alarming. And they are everywhere, all around us. It’s not necessarily about leading a completely toxin free life, but more about making informed choices. Becoming knowledgeable about what is in what we use and wear every day when making choices, rather than solely choosing based on convenience. 

Of course, what we do that’s good for us, is also good for our planet. Here are some simple changes you can make to feel good about your health, your home and your planet and start low tox living today:

Eat organic

Local growers and farmers markets, bulk stores or growing/making your own can be more affordable ways of doing this.

Use natural skin and body care products

There are so many nasties in many personal care products and considering your skin absorbs what you apply to it, it’s a great place to start.

Use natural fragrances

Air fresheners, perfumes and other ‘nice smelling things’ can emit harsh chemicals. There are so many options using natural oils around.

Clean with natural products

Think about what you’re spraying around your home and about whether you want to live with all of those ingredients in your environment.

Avoid fast fashion

Think about where your clothing comes from, what it’s made of and the environmental impact of its production.

Have indoor plants

They purify your indoor air, can be very relaxing and let’s face it, look fab.

Avoid single use plastics

Apart from being terrible for the environment, the micro plastics hang around forever, leeching out all the nasties.

Small switches can lead to big changes.

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