Euca Disinfectant – Natural, Commercial Grade

Euca Disinfectant – Natural, Commercial Grade

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100% Australian eucalyptus oil and no other artificial fragrances. Powerful formula, also cleans and deodorises.


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Ideal for use in toilets, bathrooms, showers, rubbish bins and on walls and floors. Suitable for use in food preparation areas. Ideal for use in an atomiser spray bottle for a natural eucalyptus aroma. Non-caustic and manufactured without bleach or ammonia.

Product usage: 1 part Euca Disinfectant/20 parts water. Can be put in a spray bottle, or a bucket for use with a sponge or mop.

Ingredients: Water, eucalyptus oil, quaternary ammonium compound, ethoxylated alcohol (surfactant), food colouring.

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