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Euca ‘Multi’ Powerful Multipurpose ready-to-use (RTU) cleaner

Euca ‘Multi’ Powerful Multipurpose ready-to-use (RTU) cleaner

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Multi is an everyday cleaner you can have on hand in your home. Made from citrus and eucalyptus – it does not contain harsh chemicals and vapours that many other cleaners do. It’s a safe but powerful ready to use multipurpose cleaner.


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Euca Multi will devour grease and grime and can be used to clean almost anything, from walls, benches, floors, windows, cement, stone, car interiors, laundry areas, basins, taps, cupboard doors and inside cupboards, ovens (inside and outside, cook tops, and exhaust hoods and filters. As it is non caustic it will not affect alloys, rubber, plastic and fabrics, and leaves a non-slip finish. As it can be used around food products and cleans gunk and grime easily, it’s the ideal natural BBQ cleaner and degreaser.

Product usage: Spray a generous amount onto soiled areas. Allow a short time to penetrate stubborn grime then use a soft brush where necessary and wipe/rinse.

Ingredients: Water, disodium trioxosilicate, sodium alkane sulphonate, ethoxylated alcohol (non ionic), d-limonene, eucalyptus oil, red food colouring.

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