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Business/Office Kit – Medium

Business/Office Kit – Medium


Looking to make your business/office/workspace more eco friendly? These Business/Office Kits are perfect! A range of beautiful, Australian made eco cleaning refills presented in sleek mental packaging, to look cool around the office.

If you then start a subscription following ordering a Business/Office Kit, you will be delivered refills to top up the metal containers you already have.

You can of course start straight away with a subscription instead, and choose which products and quantities you’d like to start with.

Remember, subscriptions can be edited, paused or cancelled at any time.

Medium Business/Office Kit includes: 

  • 1L Multi (2 x 500ml spray bottles)
  • 1L Disinfectant (1 x 1L bottle)
  • 1L Dishwashing Liquid (1 x 1L pump bottle)
  • 1L Hand Wash (2 x 500ml pump bottles)

(they are also available in a larger and smaller size)

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