Keeping nasties at bay this change of season

Mar 6, 2023 | Lifestyle, Low Tox

Autumn is the new Spring clean!

Here we are almost a week into March and Autumn.  In Perth we’re certainly not over the hot weather I’m sure, but it’s that time when the weather is up and down, creating a friendly place for bugs.

I’m at the back end of a case of COVID-19, my daughter has a cold and I’ve just come off a Zoom call where half of the people were battling a nasty lurgy. During the call people were talking about all the bugs going around at their schools; it’s all of a sudden ‘that time’.

With the change of season, brings the spread of germs, so it’s even more essential to practice low-tox cleaning. Flus, colds, and other nasties tend to be more common during the Autumn and Winter months, making it important to get your home clean and germ-free.

We’ll soon be retreating indoors and turning the heating up, which provides a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria to thrive. And the dry air caused by indoor heating can spread germs faster. Cleaning your home regularly using low-tox cleaning methods can help to eliminate these germs, keeping your household safe and healthy.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for the upcoming change of season:

1. Get a cleaner!

Ok, we can’t all do this and mine has just quit, so….clean regularly (annoying). The first step to keeping germs at bay is to keep surfaces, appliances, and floors clean. High-touch areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, need particular attention and vacuum and mop the floors regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt.

But…we don’t want to add new nasties to our homes while trying to keep others at bay. Look for safe yet powerful cleaning products to not add to your household’s toxic load. Check out our online shop for a great selection (yes, shameless plug). These are safer for your home, your kids and your pets.

2. Ventilation is key

Opening windows or using an air purifier can help to improve indoor air quality and prevent the spread of airborne germs. Indoor plants can also improve air quality (however mine continue to die – I blame the cats). Since viruses and bacteria can survive on surfaces for several hours, keeping windows open for even a few minutes every day can really help with this.

I’ve recently bought and used an air purifier, rather sceptically. However, on changing the filter that made my stomach turn, I’m thinking it might be helping.

Another reason to use low tox products is that they don’t contribute to poor air quality.

3. Keep your hands clean…kids can you hear me?!

Hand hygiene is the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs. Remember to change the hand towels and tea towels people. Have a think (I’d rather not) about what is hanging out on those. I always advocate for reusable over disposable, but these do need extra attention when it comes to keeping them clean.

4. Fabrics…don’t get me started

I can’t stand carpet and don’t have any, as it’s a safe space for dust and germs to hide. But if you do, ensure they are washed regularly, as well as couches. There are great local eco friendly carpet and couch cleaning businesses around that are worth looking into as although many leave your carpets and couches smelling ‘fragrant’, remember what smells nice isn’t always that nice for you. And change linen and towels often, using powerful eco friendly laundry products of course (shop here).

5. Lastly….teenagers

If you are lucky enough to have a teenager whose room presents all kinds of hazards, grab the mask and gloves and deep clean it when they’re at school one day. I wish you luck for dealing with whatever you may find.

The change of season is mostly welcome for all kinds of reasons and by following these simple tips, you can create a clean and healthier environment in your home for you and your family. 

Stay safe!

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