Hi, I’m Lisa!
I’m a Perth based busy, professionally working (sole parent) mum.

I started looking at all the waste our home produced and the chemicals we used and it didn’t feel right. I started making swaps and switches and looking at how to make my home more eco friendly. I began looking at online stores for these things, the things I basically couldn’t get at the supermarket. Then I started looking at refill options, so much less packaging! And this appealed to me.


I became a single mum very suddenly after losing my husband with no warning. From this experience I’m reinventing the way I live and am striving for a healthier life, which includes looking after our planet and looking at how to make my home more eco friendly. I no longer want to live a lifestyle of over consumption and not thinking about what we buy and use, being detrimental to our earth and our health. I believe in the need to make alternative choices, even if not always convenient.

Something that is really important to me is using everyday products that aren’t made up of ingredients that are not good for us or the environment, reducing plastic use and offering a way for less waste to be produced.

A lifestyle moving towards zero waste is different for everyone.

Are you like me and are continuing to learn new things everyday you could be doing, and examining lifestyle habits you know you want to change but are not ready to yet?

Then my blog is for you.


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