Safer for you AND safer for the planet

I’ve done all the work for you AND I’ll deliver to your door.

Refilling your eco products has never been easier!

Wish you had time to run around and refill upcycled containers with eco products that you knew worked?

I’ve tried, tested and love everything I sell so you will too.

I’ve put together a Starter Kit so you can try the range of household eco refills and all the thinking is done for you.

The Inspired Eco Warrior provides eco refills delivered in Perth!

silver colour bottles and a rectangular box in an insulated shopping bag

For the month of July receive $15 off the price of Starter Kits! Use Code: PFJ15off at checkout.

These Starter Kits contain Australian made eco friendly products that contain no nasties so are safe to use around your home, children and pets AND they really work.

All your household needs are covered and the products come as refills in keep at home sleek and stylish metal packaging, which you can top up with subsequent refills at a later date.

The Starter Kits include:

  • 1kg/1L Laundry Powder/Laundry Liquid
  • 1kg Laundry Soaker
  • 1L Fabric Conditioner
  • 1L Disinfectant
  • 500ml Multi (perfect for EVERYTHING)
  • 500ml Dishwashing Liquid (also great on floors)
  • 250ml Hand and Body Wash

There is now no excuse to not start your single use plastic free and low tox journey today.


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