Do natural deodorants actually work?

Jun 23, 2021 | Low Tox

Here we are going to bust commons myths about natural deodorants. There are a lot of reasons why the switch to using a natural deodorant is a good one.

Natural deodorants allow your body to eliminate toxins the way it should, by sweating. Sweat doesn’t cause body odour, but when combined with bacteria, the smell is…. not great. Natural deodorants don’t contain the pore blocking ingredients that mainstream ones do, therefore don’t contribute to a bacterial imbalance in your armpits. They allow the good bacteria to work as it should, rather than blocking pores.

For some people, the switch to a natural deodorant therefore has a transitioning detox effect. However, this is easy to manage and not a reason to not give it a go.

Busting myths about natural deodorant

1. They Don’t work

It depends on what you mean by ‘work’. Deodorants reduce odour, while anti perspirants stop sweat. Sweating is a normal and important part of the body’s process is regulating temperature and removing toxins.

As with most things it can be a bit of trial and error finding one that suits you and your needs, and there are plenty nowadays to choose from.

2. Switching causes an unpleasant detox process

As with all transitions, there can be a stage of ‘getting used to’. If you’ve been using antiperspirants, you may feel sweatier than you’re used to. This stage usually only lasts a few days, and some people don’t notice it at all. It just takes a little time for the body to regulate.

3. You’ll sweat more

Switching to a natural deodorant allows your body to sweat the way it’s supposed to. As mentioned previously, it isn’t sweat that smells, body odour occurs when sweat is mixed with bacteria. Natural deodorants are designed with ingredients to reduce body odour by balancing the body’s natural pH and dealing with the odour causing bacteria. Many have natural ingredients to also reduce the wetness you feel under your arms.

4. They irritate your skin

Some people find bi-carb, which is found in many natural deodorants, causes skin irritation under their arms. That’s why many brands use alternatives to bi-carb or offer both bi-carb and bi-carb free options.

5. It’s difficult to apply

Natural deodorants can be very different in consistency, texture, and application to mainstream ones, causing concern for some. For example, some pastes can become quite solid in cooler months, however, usually just need to be warmed between fingers naturally and then can be applied exactly as in warmer months. When looking for a natural alternative to toxin filled mainstream antiperspirants, you need to expect there to be differences in how they look and feel.

Whatever your interest in natural deodorants is, it’s worth trying a few out, and giving them ample opportunity to see if they work for you. Your body and your health will thank you for it. Natural deodorants are not only low tox, but also often low waste. Many come in plastic free and recyclable packaging, and some are even available to refill. What is there not to love!

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