Do eco products actually work? Here’s what to think about when wanting an eco friendly house

May 26, 2021 | Low Tox, Sustainability

Do you want an eco friendly house but want to know if eco products actually work?

There is a lot of scepticism about how well eco products work. Be it cleaning, in the laundry, in the bathroom, all around your home really. The question I pose is, what are you comparing them to? And what is in the products you are comparing them to that give you the outcome marketed to you? And at the end of the day, everything comes down to personal choice, situations, resources and priorities.

Shampoos & Conditioners

Many ‘traditional’ shampoo and conditioners are marketed to make your hair feel and look super glossy and shiny, for example. And when used, the outcome is more often than not, super shiny hair. But what is in the products coating your hair strands to make them so shiny? Are you happy using them on your body? And are there any eco shampoo and conditioners that would give you the level of shine you’re satisfied with, without all the nasties?

Bathroom / Shower Cleaners

An issue I often hear is that it’s impossible to find an eco shower/bathroom cleaner that gets rid of mould and soap scum with a quick spray, leave and wipe. You know what, it just might be impossible! I certainly haven’t found one. However, when I look at the chemicals used in the products that can magically make this happen, I would rather put in a bit more effort (and I hate cleaning the bathroom) than use something in the room where the kids and I shower, containing all those full-on toxins. I instead use a few other methods to try and at least keep the mould and soap scum build up at bay so it’s not a huge job to clean often.

Laundry Liquids

Another concern, eco laundry liquids and powders not getting the smells out of clothes as well as more ‘traditional’ laundry products. As much as how these more traditional products can often smell pleasant, the scent can be quite powerful and when looked into, made from synthetic fragrances. Synthetic fragrances need a blog post all on their own! Eeek! And this often overpowering scent sometimes just masks what is underneath. 


Also, overpowering deodorants made with all kinds of chemicals, can make you smell nice in the day, however, body odour can continue to enmesh with your clothes and hang around for a long time. Since I have been using a natural deodorant, my gym clothes (let’s face it, the armpits of my gym clothes) smell completely fresh after every single wash…and I sweat! Eeew…. getting personal!

Beware of ‘greenwashing’

An emerging concern with some products marketed as eco friendly is the greenwashing that unfortunately occurs. This is when companies provide misleading information making you think its products are environmentally friendly, when they are most certainly not. And not all products marketed as green are not harmful in any way. As with all products it’s about being aware of what is in them and what goes into making them at all levels of production.

Products that are used comes down to personal choice taking into account numerous factors. However, I pose the question to look into alternatives and see if there are any that are cost effective and will provide you with a result you want, that are far more low waste and low tox. I’ve found many along the way, and still have many to find and swap.

Small switches can lead to big changes.

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