8 Perth businesses doing eco friendly stuff

Support local where things are being done differently

I love finding new businesses that are thinking outside the box and trying to do things in a more eco friendly way. And I love supporting local and building community.

There are so many small (medium and large) businesses sprouting up in my home city of Perth, as well as many that have been established for a while, doing the things we need and buy, however, taking steps to reduce waste and toxic overload.

Here are eight I’ve used or been told a lot about, that I think are certainly worth a mention.

The Environmental Printing Company

Using recycled paper and vegetable based inks, as well as reusing or recycling everything they can, these guys are premier printers in Perth, and making an impact towards reducing waste.

I have used them for all of my business printing, from stickers to business cards to flyers and catalogues and have been truly impressed with the quality, and feel better I’m not adding to the waste problem that comes with printing.

They’re based in Malaga, and also deliver and are really easy to deal with to get your printing needs done right. Head over to their website to check them out next time you need printing done.

Turquoise Creative

This local business makes plantable cards out of recycled paper. Yes, that’s right, you can plant the card once you’ve finished with it.

They come embedded with swan river daisy seeds and once you’ve wet the card and layered between potting mix, beautiful daisies grow.

Gift cards last such a short time and produce so much waste, with these you’re giving the gift that keeps on giving.

I’ve bought these and have given them away as love them. I’m yet to be given one myself….hint, hint. Head over to their website for more info and to order.

Penny Lake Gift Co.

This is not only an eco friendly local business, but also one that supports other local businesses, which I just love.

You can order gift bundles from them that are all natural, plastic free, come in recyclable and biodegradable packaging, with items from local businesses.

This business was founded on ethically and sustainably conscious principles, so next time you are sending a gift to someone, how about looking at sustainable options.

I sent one to a friend who broke their ankle and she loved it. Website coming but check them out on the socials.

Sun Slayer Australia

This Western Australian brand is about to launch their new sunscreen that is reef safe, SPF50, plastic free, vegan, water resistant for 4 hours, non greasy, family safe and leaves no white cast.

I’m yet to use this of course, but currently use sunscreen with all the above features from another State. I’m on the waitlist to find out when this is available (soon) though, however, as I love supporting local wherever I can.

Head over to their website to get on the waitlist.

Bigoudee Coiffure

I’m yet to try this hair salon in Mt Lawley, but after being told about it and its sustainability principles, it’s on my list to try.

They make every effort to reduce waste, reuse and recycle and feature a plastic free refill station where you get a discount to reuse your glass containers; ammonia free colouring; eco head basin taps, to filter pollutants and reduce water use by 40% and; weighing and recording colour products to minimise waste.

If you’ve been looking for a more eco hair salon experience, these guys might be worth a try, so head over to their website for more info.

Total Green Recycling

I’m sure we all have that ‘pile’ of e-waste that we’re planning to do something with but haven’t quite got around to it yet.

Not only is e-waste going into landfill harmful, but the sheer amount that is produced is astounding.

Total Green Recycling offer a range of environmental recycling solutions for used computers and e-waste, including data destruction. They also release e-waste recycling statistics across Perth and a range of educational videos.

Head over to their website next time you’re staring at that pile of e-waste that you know you need to do something with.

ELIA balms & blends

Mia and Jane over at ELIA balms & blends wanted to stop wasting money on ineffective and unethical products and were therefore striving to create natural products that work.

They stock a range of beautiful skincare products that don’t contain toxins or synthetic fragrances and all products come in biodegradable, reusable or recyclable packaging.

I stock and use their deodorants and they are A…MA…ZING! The deodorant even works on my stinky teen. I also love their all natural lip balms.

Head over to their website to check out their products for yourself, or for beautiful gifts, to order directly or find out a stockist in Perth close to you.

My Foodie Box

I am loving My Foodie Box at the mo. I’m struggling to find time to meal plan and shop accordingly, which I used to do in order to reduce food waste and ensure my family eats balanced meals.

I’ve avoided dinner box services previously due to all the packaging. However, what I love about My Foodie Box is that all produce is local and ethically and sustainably sourced, but also that all packaging can either be put out in time for your next delivery to be recycled or reused, or is labelled as ok to put in the kerb side recycling bin.

My kids also love the meals and can prep most of the ‘easy’ recipes, which is a win win.

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