5 OTHER benefits of Eucalyptus Oil and why I love and use it

Dec 7, 2021 | Low Tox, Lifestyle

Why I love Eucalyptus Oil

It’s no secret how much I love the benefits eucalyptus oil. It’s the perfect low tox all rounder for healthier homes being a natural killer of germs, buster of grease, air freshener and cleaner.

It can be used all around the home as natural disinfectant for those nasty places like bins and loos, as well as anywhere where hands regularly touch.

It can be used in your laundry to boost your detergent, freshen towels and linen.

It can be used in tough to clean places with grease build up like exhaust fans or nearby (think of the top of your fridge) or even your bbq.

And serves as all all round cleaner for all surfaces and floors with its natural anti bacterial properties. But eucalyptus oil is also known for its anti inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial and aromatic properties. There are so many other uses for it as an alternative to harsh chemicals in and around your home.

Here are 5 other benefits to using this awesome oil other than for household duties.

1. Deters mosquitoes and other pests 

The scent of eucalyptus repels all kinds of pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches and rodents. The oil can be toxic to cats and dogs, however, so it is worth investigating where you want to spray it and how to dilute it if making your own spray. There are many bug etc sprays that use eucalyptus oil to power them.

2. Disinfects wounds and bites

Due to the anti bacterial and antimicrobial properties of eucalyptus oil, it can be used to sooth sores, cuts and bites and prevent the growth of new germs. There are many diluted eucalyptus oils available, and many antibacterial creams and gels contain eucalyptus oil.

3. Relieves coughs and congestion

Inhaling the scent of eucalyptus oil is known for aiding in mucus breakdown and opening airways. The most common way to do this is via a steam inhalation. Like with all steam inhalations you need to be careful not to open your eyes or be too close to the water. And eucalyptus oil is strong, so only a drop or two is needed.

4. Relieves sore muscles and joint pain

The amazing anti inflammatory benefits can work wonders rubbed into your sore muscles and aches when mixed with a carrier oil. Ensure you choose a carrier oil suitable for your skin and eucalyptus oil is mixed in at a safe ratio.

5. Provides mental clarity

Since eucalyptus oil clears your airways, it allows more oxygen flow providing more energy and mental clarity. A few drops of diluted oil in the shower while showering or using an appropriate oil in a diffuser can provide this effect.

When using any essential oil, it is necessary to research safe ways and concentrates to use, and to test first, when making your own products.

Other products are already safely made powered by the wonderful properties of this oil. Check out the range of household products I stock using eucalyptus oil as the base for all cleaning and laundry purposes providing you a fresh, safe and eco friendly alternative for your home.

Eco household and personal care products

My favourite thing to do once cleaning the house and doing the laundry is to put some eucalyptus based oil in my diffuser and enjoy how fresh the house smells…lasting all of 30 seconds before the kids and cats trash it again!

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